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3 simple ways to organise your shed or garage

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Collection of organised tools in a workshop

Organising your shed or garage can be a tough job. Finding enough space can be a huge problem, especially if you don’t have a large storage area to begin with. But don’t worry, we’ve looked into some easy ways in which you can tidy up your workspace and maximise the space you have without breaking the bank.

Wall mounting tools

This is something you’ve probably seen on social media posts or DIY YouTube videos. Wall mounting your tools is a convenient and stylish way of storing and displaying your tool collection.

The most common form of wall mounting is a pegboard or perforated panel. These give you more freedom to position and move tools when you expand your collection. Rather than having fixed positions on walls to hang tools, all areas within the panel can be changed within a few seconds just by repositioning the dowels.

If you’re a handy woodworker, you could have a go at making your own. They’re cheap to make, requiring as little as an MDF or plywood panel and some wall mounts or braces to hold the board in place. Building your own also means you can design and decorate it to match your workspace.

For those less confident and just want a quick solution they can screw into a wall, there are plenty of options online to suit your desired application and workspace.

Overhead storage

If your garage or workshop is short on space, you could try using overhead storage racks or runners. The most common and easiest to fit are the overhead frame rails, which are used to hold plastic totes. These totes are perfect for all the items in your shed or garage that barely ever see the light of day (Christmas decorations, camping equipment etc.)

If you’re looking to store items without needing to buy specially designed crates, you can also try hanging racking. These will hang slightly lower than the crates on rails but allow you to store an array of objects of different sizes. These also allow you to easily grab items without needing to pull down and open storage crates.

Make sure that if you do use overhead storage, everything is stored safely and always use ladders or steps when storing or removing items.

Storage bins

Closely related to wall mounting, storage bins are perfect for holding those smaller tools and accessories (like your Badaptors!) that end up getting lost in your toolbox.

Much like the ones shown below, these come in various sizes and can be fitted to wall racks or stacked on work surfaces, maximising your space. They’re also one of the more cost-effective storage systems, with a pack of 10 stackable bins costing as little as £16 ($18).


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Have you recently made any of these additions to your workshop, shed, or garage? Let us know in the comments below.


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