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3 tools you may have overlooked from the Ryobi One+ range

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Ryobi One+ 18V fogger

The Ryobi One+ range of cordless tools is always expanding. And with over 100 tools now included in the range, it can be easy to miss a few.

Hidden among the usual DIY staples and gardening tools, you can find more specialist items which are just as handy. Here are 3 tools that are worth a second look.

18V Cordless Fogger

Handy for use both indoors and out, this cordless fogger is a great way to efficiently distribute cleaners or chemicals over a larger distance.

The fogger atomises chemical particles, which means they can travel up to 4.5 meters – much further than with a traditional sprayer. Not only do they travel further, but the particles also settle more evenly, providing level coverage.

Ideal for use with cleaning and disinfectants, the fogger is a great tool for cleaning work areas and communal spaces. It’s also equally effective for use with garden chemicals like insecticides and fungicides.

Drain auger

Ryobi also offers a cordless drain auger as part of its varied One+ range. Ideal for clearing blocked household pipes, you can also use it to unblock drains of up to 50mm in diameter.

With no power cords, the auger is fully portable. The powered feed makes extraction and retraction quick and easy, making this the perfect tool for maintaining drains and pipes around your home.

Debris sweeper

Put aside the broom and consider upgrading to Ryobi’s One+ debris sweeper for easy home and garden maintenance.

This battery powered sweeper will clean up pathways, driveways, garages and workspaces in no time. With a foot-activated on-off pedal, height adjustable handlebars, and height adjustments to suit different surfaces, it’s efficient, easy and comfortable to use. Plus, it has vertical standing feet and a stowed handlebar, so it’s easy to store too.


Don’t have a Ryobi One+ 18V battery? That doesn’t mean you can’t use the tools listed above.

If you have a DeWalt 18-20V, Makita, Milwaukee or Bosch Professional 18V battery, you can convert it for use with the entire Ryobi One+ range – just by using a Badaptor.

Get yours now at badaptor.com.

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