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3 ways the Badaptor can save you money

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A battery adaptor can be a great addition to your power tool collection, adding flexibility to the way that you work, and saving you money too.

Great value and easy to use, a Badaptor can create handy savings in a number of ways.

No need to purchase an additional battery and charger system

First and foremost, a Badaptor is a lot cheaper than purchasing a whole new battery and charger system.

Rather than buying a Ryobi One+ battery and charger, if you have a DeWalt 18-20V, Makita, Milwaukee or Bosch Professional 18V battery, you can simply convert it for use with the entire One+ range of tools.

This way, you get more use from your existing battery, without the costs of purchasing another battery system.

Cut down on charging and storage

By opting for a Badaptor, you can use one battery and add your Badaptor to swap between tool ranges. As well as increasing the use you get from your existing battery there’s no need to have multiple batteries on charge and constantly pulling power.

It can also help you save space, as you won’t need to store multiple battery systems either.

Choice of tool ranges and price points

If you’re a DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee or Bosch Professional user, you’ll know that these ranges are at the higher end of the pricing scale.

If you’re looking for a cordless tool that’s a bit different, or just for occasional use, a Badaptor gives you the option to shop around and see what the Ryobi One+ range has to offer.

There are some great value tools on offer from the One+ range, as well as a huge amount of choice. The range offers tools for cleaning, camping, gardening, car care, and crafting.

Not only could you achieve a better economy on a tool you may not use as often, the Ryobi One+ range could also present you with a different choice of tools that may not be catered for by your preferred brand.


Why not see how a Badaptor could benefit you?

Get yours from badaptor.com now and convert your DeWalt 18-20V, Makita, Milwaukee or Bosch Professional 18V battery for use with the Ryobi One+ range of tools.

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