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3 ways to tackle DIY jobs when you’re on a budget

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Ryobi sander with AEG battery ready to start a new DIY project

Starting a new DIY project on a budget can be tricky. If money’s tight, you might wonder how you’re going to pay for everything you need. Try using these few simple tips to help stretch your budget further.

Rent or borrow expensive tools

The more involved your DIY project is, the more likely it is you’re going to need a sophisticated or heavy-duty tool to complete the job. These tools can be very expensive, and they may not get much use outside of your next project. That’s where tool rental comes in.

Tool rental companies will lend you tools for up to a week at a time for a cost. Depending on how long you hire the tool for, it can be around a third of the price of buying it yourself. These companies also provide tools that are difficult to purchase, such as cement mixers, generators, and spray systems for room painting.

Outside of this, try borrowing tools from friends or family. This eliminates all the purchase costs involved and, in most cases, there are no time constraints on how long you can borrow the tool for.

If you do want to buy some new tools for a project, look to buy from more DIY-oriented brands (such as Ryobi) rather than professional-grade manufacturers. Many of these tools can be around half the price without compromising on overall quality.

Buy scrap material from recycling outlets

Recycling and waste reduction are becoming increasingly important, and there are more and more scrap material warehouses popping up. These businesses will take off-cuts, unsold product from larger retailers, and donated scrap material, and resell it at a much lower price than you would pay at a DIY retailer or merchant.

A lot of this material is still very high quality and can be cut to size by the seller, which means there’s no need for you to invest in expensive cutting tools.

Start small and don’t over-do

When the goal is to transform a room in your house or a space outside, sometimes less is more. You might not need to completely gut a room, but instead, change some small things to alter the outlook.

Living and dining rooms may just need a new paint job with some wall decorations to give them a fresh look. Replacing taps in kitchens and bathrooms will give these rooms a more modern feel, while simply power-washing and de-weeding patios can bring old paving slabs back to life. Ryobi offer an extensive range of outdoor and gardening tools at a reasonable price when compared to other leading tool manufacturers.


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Have you got any DIY projects coming up? Let us know in the comments below.

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