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Christmas gift ideas for an avid DIYer

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Ryobi Vacuum and Milwaukee battery with Badaptor in front of a Christmas tree

With Christmas rapidly approaching, we decided to put together a list of gift ideas for the avid DIYers out there. Our list covers all price ranges and doesn’t just focus on power tools, so there’s something here for everyone.

Upgrade from spirit levels to a laser level

All the rage right now, laser levels are becoming a more trusted tool to use over traditional spirit levels.

Laser levels, as their name suggests, emit a beam of coloured light onto a surface, allowing users to accurately align their work. Whereas traditional spirit levels need to be held against a surface to take a level measurement, laser levels are placed on a tripod or mounted to a surface, allowing the user to work with both hands.

Another advantage laser levels have over traditional spirit levels is their measuring length and accuracy. Most laser levels have a working range of at least 10 metres and are said to be ten times more accurate than spirit levels, according to United Rentals.

Laser levels range from around £30 to several hundreds, depending on build quality, model, accessories etc. For someone who’s never used a tool before, we suggest not spending more than £60 unless you plan on measuring up huge rooms on a consistent basis.

Pocket Hole Jig for carpentry

The perfect tool for a budding woodworker, a pocket hole jig takes all the stress out of measuring and drilling accurate pocket holes in wooden boards.

Pocket hole joints are used when constructing furniture. They’re the preferred joint choice not only for their increased strength over butt joints, but the drilled holes are concealable, and the joint can be easily disassembled if needed.

Most pocket hole jig sets include a special stepped drill bit with an adjustable collar for different drill depths, as well as the jig itself. For an accurate guide on how to properly use a pocket hole jig, check out Fine Home Buildings YouTube video.

You can buy a basic pocket hole jig for as little as £12 from Amazon, but you can also buy more advanced sets with clamps and table mounts which range from £20 to £100.

New tool bag

We believe every DIYer needs a sturdy and robust tool bag for their essential tools. Compared to storage boxes and crates, which are bulky and difficult to move, a tool bag means you can take your most essential tools anywhere.

Primarily used for storing a selection of hand tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, chisels, etc., most professional tool bags have adequate storage space for a few small power tools and building accessories.

We recommend buying a tool bag with a reinforced bottom and separate compartments inside to keep everything looking tidy. These range from around £25 to £70, again depending on size and brand. It’s worth shopping around to find one that suits your storage needs.

Badaptor battery adapters

Are you looking to gift someone a new power tool but don’t want to spend all that extra money on a new battery? For less than half the price, a Badaptor will convert the 18V batteries you already own to work with DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee or Ryobi 18V tools.

With 13 models available, you can convert your 18V batteries with minimal effort or fuss. Held in place by a simple clip and button system, Badaptors are easy to attach and remove and fit securely into the tool, ensuring the connection is unaffected by vibration or constant use.

You can get a Badaptor from for as little as £24.99, with new models being added all the time.


Have you got any other gift ideas that you think would be great for a DIYer? Let us know in the comments below.


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