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Four cordless tools every homeowner should own

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Four cordless tools behind Badaptor and batteries

If you enjoy DIY or carrying out your own renovations, there are a few tools we think you should have in your toolbox. These tools are hugely versatile, and once you’ve used them, you won’t be able to live without them.

Combi Drill

The big brother of the standard drill driver! A combi drill can do everything a standard drill driver can do, with the added benefit of having a hammer setting for drilling into more robust surfaces.

A standard drill driver is used for driving screws and drilling holes into wood, plastic, PVC piping, plasterboard, etc. The combi drill will do all of this, as well as drill holes in concrete, brick, and some metals.

Considering that a combi drill doesn’t cost much more than a standard drill driver, why wouldn’t you pay a little extra to get a lot more tool?

Palm Sander

We’ve talked about Ryobi’s compact palm sander in previous blogs, and for good reason. For a low-cost tool, you’d be surprised at how many uses you’ll have for it. As long as you have the correct sandpaper, you can use it on a huge variety of materials.

A palm sander is a light-duty tool for finishing materials after they have been cut or treated. They can also be used to smooth surfaces ready for painting or vanishing. The most common applications for them include giving a new lease of life to wooden furniture, finishing the edges of newly cut wooden boards and even sanding down walls after filling or grouting.

We will say, however, that if you’re looking to remove pre-existing paint or varnish from a surface, you’re better off with the more powerful orbital sanders.

Whichever you choose to buy, Ryobi’s offerings are very reasonably priced when compared to similar brands.

Reciprocating Saw

If you’re looking for a do-it-all cutting device, you can’t go wrong with a reciprocating saw. Reciprocating saws are lightweight tools that replace jobs that would previously have required a hand saw. They can be used on a range of materials, providing you have the correct blade. They’re also designed to be used at any angle or position without compromising the safety of the user.

For this reason, they’re much more versatile than a jigsaw, which requires you to always have the shoe or foot of the tool flat against the cutting surface.

A cordless version of the reciprocating saw also adds to the ease of use, as you can move it anywhere without being hindered by an annoying cable.

Multi tool

The multi-tool is one of our favourite tools at Badaptor. Having two tools in one for a low cost is always a positive!

A multi-tool features an oscillating cutting blade and a sanding head, providing users with the ability to not only cut into drywall, wood, and piping but also sand the area after cutting. Some of the more powerful multi-tools can also cut through metal!

Ryobi’s version features a compact design and quick interchangeability between the two attachments, meaning you can use it in hard-to-reach areas with minimal fuss. If you ever find yourself needing to fit or replace an electrical outlet around the house, a multi-tool is essential.


So if you’re tempted by any of the Ryobi offerings mentioned, but don’t want to buy into a new battery system, why not use your current battery with the help of a Badaptor?

A Badaptor converts your current 18V battery from DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch Professional, Ridgid or AEG to work with the entire range of Ryobi One+ tools.

Let us know in the comments below if you own any other tools that you think all homeowners should have in their tool collection.

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