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High-Performance cordless tools – Are they worth it?

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High performance Ryobi leaf blower in use

Cordless tool technology is forever improving, with new features added seemingly every year. The newest ranges of tools are being called “High-Performance”, with different manufacturers claiming different benefits from their normal ranges. We looked into these price ranges to see if the tools are worth the price.

Do all tool manufacturers have a high-performance range?

Many of the most popular manufacturers have a high-performance range. Some of these include Ryobi’s HP range and Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel range. These brands claim their high-performance ranges feature the latest brushless technology, which boosts torque and performance.

Companies such as DeWalt and Bosch Professional however, claim all their latest technology is present in their regular brushless tools, and the only thing that can boost their performance is the battery system.

For a full rundown on power tool batteries, check out our recent blog post on cordless tool batteries.

So are high-performance tools just brushless?

All high-performance tool ranges that we looked at include brushless technology as standard. However, these brands say their high-performance ranges feature more than just the latest brushless technology.

In the case of Ryobi, they claim all the tools in their “HP” range feature a more advanced motor which spins faster and produces more torque than the motors on the regular brushless tools.

However, when you compare their regular brushless drill driver to their HP brushless drill driver, the improved brushless motor on the HP tool drains the battery faster and is unable to drive as many screws on one charge as the regular tool. This is reflected in the price, as the regular brushless tool is slightly more expensive than the HP tool.

When it comes to Milwaukee, they have a regular M18 brushless range and an M18 fuel range. While both ranges feature a brushless motor, the M18 fuel uses their “Powerstate” motor, which claims to deliver up to 2/3 more torque than the standard brushless motor, resulting in faster drilling speeds into wood and steel. Unlike Ryobi, however, they don’t specify if the fuel tools drain the battery quicker than the regular brushless tools.

So are high-performance tools worth it?

Whether you buy high-performance tools depends on your specific use case. If you’re looking for the most powerful tool possible, it’s worth investing in a high-performance version.

However, for longer runtime, without too much compromise on overall tool performance, you’re better off with the regular brushless version of the tool.


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Do you own any high-performance tools? Would you say the extra investment is worth the price, or would you stick to regular brushless tools? Let us know in the replies below.

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