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Improve your next outdoor adventure with these 3 Ryobi outdoor tools

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Women on outdoor adventure with radio in background

Spring is drawing ever closer, so it’s time to start thinking about that next outdoor adventure!

Whether you’re planning a camping trip, hike through the woods, or a nice picnic somewhere picturesque, you might want to consider some of the tools in the Ryobi “great outdoors collection”.

We’ve identified three tools from this range that we think you should consider taking on all your future trips.

The USB Charger

We’ve all been there. Everything’s ready for your outdoor adventure. You’ve packed the car, left the house, and then realized that you’ve forgotten to charge your phone.

Unlike most power packs that you can buy, we believe that this charger is great value for money. According to customer feedback on Amazon and Ryobi’s own website, a 5.0Ah, 18V battery can fully charge a modern smartphone between 5-8 times.

For a statistically similar power bank, you’d be spending up to twice as much as you would for the Ryobi USB charger. That makes it a real bargain!

The Cordless mini speaker

An essential bit of kit when socialising outdoors! Brighten up any group event with your own music.

The speaker’s Bluetooth has a range of up to 25 metres and easily connects to any phone or tablet, meaning you can listen to your music on the go.

This rugged little speaker has excellent sound quality for its size and, when connected to a 5.0Ah battery, you can get up to 25 hours of music on a single charge!

The Work light/Area Light

More than just your average torch, this LED-powered work light will ensure you’ll never struggle with dark conditions again.

The LEDs produce up to 850 lumens, and have the power to light an area as large as 4 metres. With its foldable design and practical hook, the work light can be placed almost anywhere, meaning you can work hands-free in a brightly lit environment.

And again, with a 5.0Ah battery, you can get up to 7.5 hours of continuous light on a single charge.


If you’re concerned that you don’t have a Ryobi battery, or don’t want to pay for a Ryobi battery, then why not invest in a Badaptor?

If you own an 18V battery from DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch Professional, Ridgid, or AEG, you can convert it for use with the entire Ryobi One+ range of tools.

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