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Take charge of your new year’s resolutions

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No need to buy additional battery and charger systems

The start of a new year is the perfect time to make some changes.

With so many people resolving to save money, get organized, travel and try something new this year, you’ll be surprised by how Badaptor can help you to achieve your goals.

Set a budget

Aiming to spend a little less this year in a bid to save more? Setting a budget can help.

A great place to start is to work out how you can reduce unnecessary spending.

For example, if you’re a DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee or Bosch Professional user, a Badaptor could help to save you money. Not only is a Badaptor cost effective, it lets you convert your 18V battery for use with the entire Ryobi One+ 18V range. That means there’s no need to spend money on a new battery and charger, and you also get to choose from another range of cordless tools at great prices.

Reduce clutter

Having a good clear out to get rid of clutter around the house is a new year’s job for many of us. But what if you could buy wisely and cut clutter before it accumulates?

With a Badaptor, there’s no need to buy and store additional battery and charger systems – keeping your tool collection lean, and clutter to a minimum.

Plan a vacation

Travelling is a huge aspiration for many at the start of a new year.

A road trip is the perfect excuse to get away and explore. Before leaving, make sure your car is up to the journey with the Ryobi One + automotive range and hit the road with peace of mind. From a tyre inflator and impact wrench, through to a buffer and hand vac, the range covers a selection of tools to help you take care of your car.

Plus, a Badaptor means you can still use these tools even if you don’t have a Ryobi battery. Convert your DeWalt 18-20V, Makita, Milwaukee or Bosch Professional 18V battery for use with Ryobi’s One+ automotive tools and plan your getaway now.

Learn a new skill

A new year can feel like a fresh start, and the perfect time to learn something new.

Some people learn a language or take up rock climbing – others learn how to make things from scratch.

Whether that’s jewellery or crafted items, creating a storage unit or even a treehouse, or working to give some old furniture a facelift, the Ryobi One+ range can help.

With tools like soldering irons, drills, sanders, staplers and more, the range has a huge amount of choice to help you progress with your new hobby.

Just add a Badaptor to convert your existing battery, and get making!

Keep a clean home

Start as you mean to go on by setting a schedule for cleaning and chores.

Once the chores are assigned, why not check out the Ryobi One+ range for cleaning equipment? Convert your DeWalt 18-20V, Makita, Milwaukee or Bosch Professional 18V battery for use with the Ryobi One+ range and get started.

From cordless vacuums and power scrubbers, to a drain auger and cordless fogger (which is ideal for evenly distributing disinfectants), the range contains a wide choice of tools for a number of jobs.

Get your Badaptor from badaptor.com now.

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