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Ryobi’s Airstrike Nail Gun – Why is it so popular?

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Man repairing door frame with Ryobi Nail gun

Ryobi’s airstrike nail gun has been the talk of the internet in recent months. The tool has been getting hugely positive reviews and, now that we’ve tested the product ourselves, it’s easy to see why.

Cost vs competitors

If you’ve done a quick Google search for a cordless nail gun recently, you’ll see these are expensive tools. A battery-powered nail gun is built on fairly new technology. Previously, nail guns would have been pneumatic or corded electric.

With new technology, established brands seem to be charging premium prices. In the UK, for example, the DeWalt 16-gauge finishing nail gun ranges from £279 to nearly £350 depending on where you shop, and Milwaukee’s equivalent is between £350 and £450.

Ryobi’s variant is currently £241 in the UK, but it has been discounted in their regular promotional events. We paid around £180 when we bought one in the recent sale, which is great value, especially considering the current market.

Overall power and performance

The Ryobi airstrike nail gun might feel a bit heavy and bulky at first, but it packs a punch.

We’ve tested it in a few different scenarios, and the power of this tool is quite something. Whether you are working on softwood or hardwood, the nail gun has the power to drive nails in with very little damage to the wood.

The brad nails also sit flush to the wood, with no heads poking out and looking unsightly.

But it’s not just us who thinks the Ryobi nail gun is a match for its competitors. A reviewer on T3’s website described it as a “proper pro tool.” High praise for a company that many people consider a DIY brand.

One+ battery system

A huge strength of any 18V Ryobi cordless tool is the One+ battery system. Ryobi now has over 150 tools in its One+ range, all of which can be powered using the same battery.

And if you combine Ryobi’s 18V tool range with a Badaptor, you’re not restricted to using a Ryobi battery! With a Badaptor, you can convert your current 18V battery to work with 18V DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee or Ryobi tools. Interested? Get yours here.

Have you used any of Ryobi’s airstrike nail guns yet? If so, what do you think of them? Are they as good (or better) than other leading brands? Let us know in the comments below.

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