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Ryobi’s newly expanded range of crafting tools (and why you should be interested)

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Ryobi tools on window ledge

Interested in buying crafting tools, but not sure it’s worth it?

If you’re a DIY enthusiast, you might think that these crafting tools aren’t for you. Maybe they aren’t tough enough, powerful enough, or just plain useful enough? Well, think again.

Ryobi has recently re-divided up and expanded its One+ range to span all areas of DIY and gardening. One of these key areas is the One+ crafting range.

As we’ve come to expect from Ryobi, many of these tools are great value, and a lot more versatile than you might first think.

Better yet, with a Badaptor, you wouldn’t be spending any unnecessary money on new batteries! So let’s have a look at our pick of the best and most useful tools in the range.

Rotary tool

Until recently, rotary tools were known as Dremels. Previously, Dremel was the only company making these tools, and they were mainly used for cutting small, tough materials. However, the market has grown, and we think Ryobi’s version is more than just a crafting tool.

Need to drill through brittle materials like stone or glass? The abrasive diamond bit can be used at a high RPM to make a hole of nearly any diameter in these materials.

Maybe you’ve started a woodworking project and need to clean knot holes out of a piece of wood? The wood carving attachment will quickly remove any old, damaged wood without the fear of damaging the surrounding wood.

You might even want to personalize a gift for someone with an engraving. The diamond bit can be used at a lower RPM to inscribe designs into almost any material.

Reviewers such as “Make Everything” praised the tool for being much smaller and easier to handle than its equivalents from Milwaukee and even Dremel themselves!


Battery-powered staplers are not just for upholstery! Of course, they’re ideal for applying fabric to furniture and are an incredibly useful craft tool.

But you can do so much more with Ryobi’s stapler! The metal clip on the top of the tool can be used to secure low-voltage wiring, or as a gripping mechanism to keep the tool from slipping when working with softer materials like screen doors or wire fencing. The high power of the tool means it can staple into several different types of wood and some thinner metals.

This YouTube video from Doorsoom Tool Reviews highlights the tool’s versatility and overall power. Ryobi’s model even outperformed the Milwaukee M12 stapler, which struggled to staple through anything other than wood.

Power file

The power file is a slimmed-down, portable belt sander. Its small profile means it can get into those tricky-to-reach areas that you would normally have to hand file. Trust us when we say, your hands and wrists will thank you for making this purchase.

The tool is handy for all kinds of DIY jobs, including sanding down door fittings, removing rust, and sanding down rough edges on wood and tile. You can even use it to sharpen your garden shears!


Tempted to buy some of the crafting tools from the Ryobi One+ range? If so, all of the above tools pair up perfectly with a Badaptor! Convert your current 18V battery from DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, Bosch Professional, Ridgid, or AEG to work with the entire range of 18V Ryobi One+ tools.

Which tool from the Ryobi range are you most interested in? Let us know in the comments below.

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