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Three Ryobi tools to keep your house and car clean

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Autumn is nearly here, which means it’s about time for an end-of-summer clean! We’ve looked at three tools from the Ryobi One+ range that can help make your job a little easier.

Pressure Washer

A tool we believe every household should own! Pressure washers take all the hassle out of cleaning patios, driveways, exterior walls, fascias, cars, and more. Most pressure washers come with interchangeable heads, including nozzles, brushes, and scrubbers, to suit a range of jobs.

Ryobi has a selection of pressure washers available, including corded and cordless variants. Their cordless range, known as their “power washers”, are ideal for cleaning vehicles or painted surfaces that may be damaged by more powerful jets of water. These washers include a water syphoning kit as standard, removing the need for a conventional water delivery system. You simply attach the hose and place it in any fresh water source, making the appliance far more portable than its corded counterparts.

Their corded range is designed for tough cleaning jobs where you need to remove stubborn dirt and grime. They start at 100 bar (unit to measure pressure) and go all the way up to 170 bar. They also include a separate detergent tank, so there’s no need for special detergent nozzles or having to mix the detergent into the water yourself.

Drain Auger

If you have a recurring issue with blocked drains and pipes, Ryobi’s cordless drain auger is a worthwhile investment. Despite what might seem like a large initial outlay, it will save you from constantly calling out plumbers.

Before cordless drain augers, unclogging drains, sinks, and pipes would have been done with a manual auger tool. These worked by turning a handle on a large drum, which pushed out and rotated a flexible metal wire with a spiralled hook on the end.

Ryobi’s cordless auger has a powered feed to push the reinforced steel tool through the blocked pipe at a much greater force than a regular hand auger. It also comes with a rear drain port to stop any dirty water from building up inside the drum. When compared to the Milwaukee variant, it’s around £100 cheaper, without compromising performance or features.

Project Vacuum

All the power and capacity of a corded vacuum cleaner, but with the portability of a cordless vacuum. Ryobi’s Project Vac differs from most conventional cordless vacuum cleaners by containing all the components and mechanisms inside a small crate with a convenient carry handle. With suction and blower settings, and up to 1400L a minute of airflow, it’s a higher spec machine than any standard household vacuum. Powered by an 18V battery, it’s lightweight and compact, meaning it can be easily carried around as you clean.

The vacuum also comes with a variety of attachments, including a universal adapter for dust extraction on all Ryobi One+ tools. This means if you already own one of Ryobi’s sanders or circular saws, you now have a handy dust extractor to use with them.


To make things even better, if you own an 18V battery and a Badaptor, there’s no need to invest in a brand-new battery system. Badaptors allow you to convert the 18V batteries you already own to work with 18V DeWalt, Makita, Milwaukee, and Ryobi tools. Visit our website at to see how a Badaptor can change how you use your tools.


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