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Why you should choose to DIY

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Since lockdown, we’ve seen more and more advocates for getting out the tools and doing some renovations around the house. Apart from helping to save money, “Doing it yourself” can have some added mental and physical benefits too.

Save money on professionals

Doing jobs yourself can save you hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds. If you have access to some basic power tools, you’ll be surprised by how many jobs you’re able to accomplish with a little guidance.

There’s endless content out there to help guide you through most DIY projects. A quick Google search will provide you with a huge choice of step-by-step guides or video tutorials, with websites like YouTube providing huge amounts of information. You may find that the job you were dreading becomes far easier with a little help.

Learn something new

Having DIY jobs to do around the house is a great excuse to learn a new skill. Any skill you can pick up in your own time could be invaluable further down the line. Again, you can teach yourself most new skills through watching tutorials online or getting a little help from someone with more experience.

Keep yourself busy and active

DIY is a great way for people to improve the space they’re living in, whilst keeping occupied during their free time. This can boost mental attitude and keep your mind focused.

DIY has also been proven to have physical health benefits. An article on the nicswell website investigated a Swedish study, which showed that people who engaged in regular DIY activities such as gardening, home repairs, etc, were 27% less likely to develop any cardiovascular issues.

For people who like to be around others while they work, there are companies such as Men’s Sheds which aim to bring people together through their love of building and DIY. They offer community gatherings all over the country so people can learn and work together. If you think this is something that might interest you, check out their website at https://menssheds.org.uk/.

That feeling of achievement when it’s finished

Seeing something through from beginning to end is a great achievement. There are very few things in this world that feel better than finishing a project, especially if it significantly impacts daily life. No matter how big or small a DIY project is, you should feel a sense of pride once it’s completed!

Lots of people get bitten by the DIY-bug after completing their first project, taking it on as a full-time hobby and trying to improve with each new task.


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Let us know if you’re a DIY enthusiast and, if so, what made you want to start doing jobs yourself? Are there any new projects you’re looking to start in the near future?

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