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Will my DeWalt battery fit Ryobi tools?

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Man staring at DeWalt battery and Ryobi drill

So, you’ve bought that DeWalt tool you had your eye on for ages. You saved up and decided to treat yourself. But now you’re wondering if you can get a bit more value out of it. What if you could get your DeWalt battery to fit Ryobi tools?

Right now, battery ports on cordless power tools are not universal; a concept that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon, so that expensive battery can’t power a tool that isn’t DeWalt.

With a Badaptor, you can convert your 18-20V DeWalt battery to work with the entire range of Ryobi 18V tools. Here are some of the reasons why that’s a great idea.

Open up your arsenal

In recent years, Ryobi have really started pushing the boat out with their One+ range. It now includes over 250 tools, and Ryobi doesn’t seem to be slowing down its development anytime soon.

This means you can expand your range of tools from DIY and trade to garden tools, including everything from lawnmowers to secateurs.

Save yourself some money

Cordless power tool batteries seem to be getting more expensive by the day. With the amount of different brands out there, you could be spending upwards of £60 ($82)* on a new battery and charging system.

A Badaptor will not only save you money on a battery but when it comes to buying new tools too! Buying a tool without a battery is considerably cheaper than buying one with a battery or as part of a kit.

Converting your battery also means there’s also less for you to store too, keeping your toolbox leaner and lighter.

So if you want to fit your DeWalt battery to Ryobi tools, and save yourself some money at the same time, head on over to now.

Badaptors let you convert your existing battery system for use with a Ryobi, Makita, DeWalt or Milwaukee tool.

*Prices correct as of publishing date

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