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Will my Makita battery fit Ryobi tools?

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Main with Ryobi power tool picking up Badaptor and Makita battery

If your tool brand of choice is high-end, such as Makita, you’ll know it can be very expensive to buy new tools. It’s even worse if those tools are niche, and won’t get as much use as other tools in your collection.

There are very few battery platforms that are truly universal, with each tool manufacturer using their own unique battery ports and connections. That’s where a Badaptor comes in.

A Badaptor allows you to use your 18V Makita batteries with the entire range of over 200 Ryobi 18V tools. Here are some of the benefits of buying a Badaptor over a new battery system.

Saving you money

As we said earlier, if you’re looking to buy a tool that you may only use once or twice a year, it might not be worth paying the extra money for the Makita option. In many cases, a bare Makita tool can cost almost twice as much as the Ryobi equivalent and a Badaptor. The Badaptor not only negates the cost of a new battery but also the charging station required to charge the battery.

Conversely, rather than spending upwards of £90 ($110) buying a new or replacement battery for a Ryobi tool, a Badaptor will allow you to utilize the 18V batteries you already own, especially ones that barely see the light of day! *

More tools for your collection

Compared to other established brands on the market, Ryobi’s range of 18V tools is larger and covers more than just power tools.

With a selection of gardening, cleaning, and even crafting tools, they offer daily-use tools other brands don’t cater for. This means that a Badaptor opens up a whole new world of tools you would never have thought about using.


So if you’re looking to use your 18V Makita batteries with Ryobi One+ tools, grab yourself a Badaptor at today.

Outside of the Ryobi range, there are Badaptors available that convert a range of 18V batteries to DeWalt, Milwaukee, and Makita tools. Visit our product page for more details.


*Prices based on market average December 2022




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